Panel on George Bush's Brutal Economic and Political Policies at Home and Abroad Organized by Anti-Capitalist Community Action, ACA. April 22, 2003, 7PM, Room C03, Colonel By Hall, Ottawa U, 161 Louis Pasteur. The panel will focus on imperialism as seen in the "new American century" doctrine pushed by the US in Iraq (and soon to be more countries); on the war at home as most devastatingly played out in the recently increased racist obsession on "border security" issues; on the effects of capitalism, as the driving force that is behind all of these policies; and on two specific manifestations of all of these forces - the struggles in Colombia and Palestine. Speakers: Mary Foster (Block the Empire Montreal and the Committee for Peace in Iraq Ottawa); Justin Podur, (Toronto based writer for ZNet and volunteer for International Solidarity Movement); Shannon Willmott, (Anti-Capitalist Community Action and Direct Action Casework Ottawa). Additional speaker on 'boarder security' to be announced. Free! Wheelchair Accessible Childcare will be provided for free. Contact Shawn at