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Our Borders Are Blast Walls by Andréa Schmidt : See Report

peace team ottawa

Indonesian Peace Team : Reports 

Ottawa activist Rachel Sutton is in Indonesia with Peace Brigades International (PBI). Read her latest report from Jakarta.

Sri Lanka Peace Team :Reports 

Ottawa peace and justice activist Angela Pinchero is the Canadian member of the first team of the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) in Sri Lanka. She has taken up her deployment in the eastern city of Batticoloa. Read her first report here.

Iraq Peace Team : Reports 

With 6-months commemoration of U.S. invaison of Iraq (Sep 20) coming. Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, compiled a 6-parts series call "Report from Iraq", includes: People of Iraq, former Iraqi military commander, U.S. Military, human rights workers from UNICEF, Voice in the Wilderness, Amnesty International; Shi'ite and Sunni religious leaders from Baghdad, Fllujah, and more!

Palestine Peace Team : Reports Overview

Christian Peacemaker Teams is an initiative of the historic peace churches (Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and Quakers) with support and membership from a range of Catholic and Protestant denominations.



no war ( guerre ) peace iraq
no war ( guerre ) peace iraq
no war ( guerre ) peace iraq
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