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Dr. David Swann

 is Associate Clinical Professor of Community Medicine at the
University of Calgary where he assists with undergraduate and graduate
medical students.

David traveled to Iraq in 2000 with an American delegation under Ramsey
Clark (former Attorney General under Lyndon Johnson) and witnessed the
deprivation of people and destruction of environment there due to war and

He is co–founder (with Dr. Arthur Clark) of the Canadian Network to End
Sanctions on Iraq (Calgary) in 2001 and has been active in this, including a
trip to Iraq in November/02 to assess the emergency (disaster) capacity in
relation to possible war.

His report (along with Dr. Amir Khadir of Montreal) — Dying for Peace —
outlines the catastrophe of such a war. He has become an outspoken critic of
US foreign policy on Iraq and spoken across the country on various media.