15,000 march on Canadian Parliament against Bush
Tuesday Nevember 30, 2004 indymedia

more images - many pics!
and a panoramic series of pictures showing the size of the crowd that massed on Parliament Hill.

Protestors from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and all surrounding areas converged on Ottawa today in the thousands.

The rally began at noon in front of Ottawa city hall. Speakers representing Ottawa city council, unions, the Mohawk nation and many other groups set the tone for the massive march: George W. Bush is not welcome in Ottawa.

By the time the march reached its final destination at Parliament hill, the crowd swelled from about 8,000 to about 15,000, blanketing the large front lawn of the parliament with anti-bush banners, placards and slogans.

Following the march, the PGA bloc lead a group of over 1,000 demonstrators to the hotel Chateau Laurier, where Bush is staying while in Ottawa. Demonstrators successfully smashed through several layers of barricades before being met by a large group of masked riot police. Indymedia reports that 5 arrests occured at this action, and one injury to a police officer.

(NOTE: Yesterday Indymedia posted an estimate of 10,000 protesters at the rally. Since then, news reports and other estimates lead us to believe it was more in the range of 15,000 to 20,000).


Le Canada
30.11.2004 - 17:52
The bravery and dignity of the canadians make me ashamed to be an american.I can sum up my feelings in a short phrase. Vive le Canada!

30.11.2004 - 18:39
Please convey to all those at the Vigil that many of us who cannot be there for a variety of personal reasons are with them in Spirit.
Our hearts and very souls are with you!
Jennifer Davis>@sympatico.ca

30.11.2004 - 19:59
it was an awesome day for sure. great turn out, great vibe, and great action. i am sad to be home now.
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Crowd numbers
30.11.2004 - 20:40
A komrade told me the bourgeois media had set the crowd size at 5.000 -- which is about half the real size, apparently.
Loox like they're still getting their "facts" from the State.
Maybe if was the U.S. media they would've put it at 500.

Comandante Gringo>@mil.gov
Thanks, Canada.

30.11.2004 - 20:42
Thanks to everyone in Ottawa for confronting this war criminal. Resistance is fertile.
- Chicago

All right Canucks!
30.11.2004 - 21:09
There are alot of us here in the states that feel just the same as you. We applaud you! Don't let that criminal have a moments rest, hound him like he deserves. Its gonna take an international effort to change the imperial, facist ways of the new American governmnet. Anyways, 3 cheers for Ottawa!
Canadian at Heart>

funny stuff
30.11.2004 - 22:22
Rush Limbaugh reported in his "media myth detector" section, that only 39 people and 3 police officers attended the Ottawa protests. In my view he implies that this was the entirety of the protest, when in fact, the Agence France Presse (AFP) article he is citing (without mentioning where he has gotten this information) was merely commenting on early protests. He even apparently ignores a quote in his own article stating "What you can't see, Don, is -- are all the police officers and security forces who are out around here in great number."

Limbaugh's conclusion? "There was no protest."
Rush Limbaugh Article

AFP Article rush22>

Video ???
01.12.2004 - 03:12
does any one have any video footage i could get ahold of for a movie i'm making? email it to -
another.kid.for.world.peace {at} gmail {dot} com

ottawa protest
01.12.2004 - 05:15
muchas gracias canada . . after the 16,000 dissenting at the School of Assassins at FT Benning, Georgia a couple weeks ago that did not receive any publicity by the media here. The solidarity grows stronger around the planet. thanks for making it so . . Peace works !
dave williams>

01.12.2004 - 05:15
This came in from Preston Wood in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Ottawa. You got coverage of your demos all over the world! Great job!

Sat. Dec 18, 11.29 am

There is an update on the arrests that took place on Nov. 30th. The report is on the website of Legal Support Ottawa.

Fri. Dec 3, 9:38 pm

The corporate media definitely had the hard ball spin on the Nov.30th demonstration making out numbers of 5,000 or less. But the definitive spread of misinformation came from this news coverage by Rush Limbaugh

Thur. Dec 2, 4:40 pm

There is only one person left in the Gatineau jail. He is now being held for 15 days on unrelated charges.

Wed. Dec 1, 6:40 pm

Police are reporting 13 arrests in Ottawa and 8 in Gatineau; this more or less squares with what Legal Support Ottawa has been able to keep track of. There are a number of reports of abuse by police. Some of these have been documented but if others were assaulted by police we would like to get the details (in confidence of course) even if you are not planning to file a complaint or press charges.

All the Ottawa arrestees have been released, some without charges and some with mostly minor charges of obstruction etc.

In Gatineau 2 people are still inside, to appear tomorrow morning (Dec 2) at 9 am at the Gatineau (Hull) courthouse at 17 rue Laurier: S. Prudhomme at courtroom 4, and S. Brown (don't know which courtroom). Both appear to have been assaulted by police and are injured.

If you are able to come to the courthouse at 17 rue Laurier, Gatineau (Hull) to show support for them please do so!

Wed. Dec 1, 1:12 pm

There are still two people in detention in Gatineau jail. The public was barred from the courthouse as bail hearings scheduled for 11 am were heard. There were 21 arrests and two sound trucks seized during the 2 days of protests which brought well over 10,000 people out to protest Bush. The sound trucks and all of those arrested on the Ottawa side were released late last night.

Tues. Nov.30, 1:36 am

Bush will be at the Convention Centre (Rideau and Sussex) at 4:05 pm today. The PGA Bloc is calling on people to converge there instead of going to Hull at that time. 3:00 pm . Gather near Parliament Hill and proceed east!

Bush has now effectively barricaded himself in the heart of downtown Ottawa with his own private bridge to drive over the Ottawa River to get to dinner. Can this man not go anywhere in the world without hiding behind a massive military presence? Barricades, fences and dumpsters – yes, dumpsters!, a full city block of them in Hull to hide behind while they eat their dinner.

Today, let's make ourselves heard. This man has the blood of tens of thousands of Iraqi & Afghani men, women and children on his hands. Let's give him a visit to remember.

And do check out Bush arrested in Canada (a NYC Indy News story Nov.30)

Mon. Nov. 29, 10:18 pm

The East Block (of Parliament Hill) is surrounded by 10-foot high hurricane fence behind which there's an array of media vans camped out. The lawn of the Center Block is surrounded by standard barricades.

There are crews at work setting up a line of barricades across Elgin Street at about the level of Sparks, running across the southern tip of the war memorial. they appear to be rather flimsy looking and poorly secured, but with a second row of much stronger barricades in behind. They're arranged in the  standard double row pattern. It's likely they'll block off Wellington west of the war memorial as well. - (in fact it will be blocked off over to Bank)

Global News is using as its base of operations the parking lot at Bay and Queen Streets, two blocks south of Wellington, just in behind the Christ Church Cathedral. (which for those who don't know is the gothic church near the Portage Bridge, between downtown and Lebreton Flats.

Mon. Nov 29, 5.45 pm

There has been a march to Hull added to our events and the speakers for both the noon hour and 5 o'clock rallies have also been added on the events page.

We are meeting tonight - a report will be put on the site late tonight.

The events listed for Wednesday morning have been corrected

Sat. Nov.27, 12.35am

Ottawa City Road Closures on Nov 30th
Gatineau Road Closures - link to Nov 26 press release

Bush will arrive on Tuesday morning at Ottawa International Airport. Airspace will be closed down for up to an hour. The airport will remain open.

The route from the airport to the downtown core will be shut down from 9:00 am till 11:00 am. The downtown core will have road closures (TBA) from 8:00 am till 9:00 pm. Specifically mentioned were Wellington St. and Rideau St..

The Alexandria Bridge will be closed from noon till 11:00 pm and a number of streets surrounding the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau (Hull) will be closed from Monday Nov. 29th at 5:00 pm till 10:00 pm Nov. 30th the following day.

From the proceeding information provided by Ottawa, Gatineau and airport officials and from other sources we can determine the following:

Bush is arriving around 9:00 am and heading downtown. He will travel to Parliament and/or DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) on Sussex Ave.. Later in the day he will travel by the Alexandria Bridge across the Ottawa River to Gatineau to the Museum of Civilization where he will have dinner.

He will likely be at DFAIT in the early to mid afternoon. There will be road closures around DFAIT likely on Sussex east of King Edward.

Will pass on more information as it becomes available.


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Halifax Events Details

Hi everyone,

Here are the photos from the anti-Bush protests in Halifax. We had a great crowd I heard one estimate of approx. 3000 people (of which only one person was visibly pro-Bush. Sigh... there's one in every crowd).

Dec 1st photos are available at:
Page 1:
Page 2:

and again, Nov.30 photos:

Wish you all could have been here!

Mark Rushton,
Mark {at} chebucto {dot} ca