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Download our pamphlet on Bill C-51

Canadian Peace Alliance
Join the War Resisters Support Campaign; Sign the petition.
Peace Group
Learn more about security certificates and the threat to civil liberties.
Help fight the unjust extradition of Dr. Hassan Diab
Umbrella Peace group in Ottawa.

Find out what is really happening in Haiti and what we can do about it. is an initiative whose mission it is to provide people with Web-based tools to take political action and promote peace, disarmament and social justice.

Nonviolent video games
A list of really exciting but nonviolent video games.

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 Ottawa Area Actions, Events & Meetings: Everyone is Welcome


Ten Hours Against State Terrorism


Wednesday, May 27, 8 am to 6 pm
(come for some or all of the day if you can)

EY Centre, 
4899 Uplands Dr., Ottawa
A Nonviolent Protest at CANSEC-15
Canada’s largest weapons fair, selling weapons and surveillance equipment.
Host to some of the world’s worst human rights violators and torturers.
They come to buy! 
Learn more.

UNITE 4 Our Rights! #StopC51
Convergence in Ottawa
May 30, Human Rights Monument, 2PM
Join Us!

Download promotion pamphlet for May 30

Download our information pamphlet
on Bill C-51

NOWAR-PAIX endorses the IJV-Initiated Statement Defending The Right To Criticize The State Of Israel
Read the Statement.


Hands off SyriaHERE'S WHY:

  1. Can't trust U.S. Intelligence

  2. War is not the answer

  3. Danger of expanded conflict

Get details here.


Call for end of repression
in Egypt!!

The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on the government of Canada to use all diplomatic channels at its disposal to call for an end to the attacks on civilians, workers and political parties in Egypt.

Since the military took control of the government on July 3rd, there has been widespread suspension of civil liberties for many Egyptians and a wholesale killing of those protesting military rule.

See more


Is Canada at war with Iran?
The Evidence is Growing.

The decision-makers in Washington and Tel Aviv are not threatened by Iranian nuclear weapons. Rather they worry about Iran’s challenge to their regional domination. And, like a good follower, Harper has enthusiastically gone along with his friends’ war. By Yves Engler.

Read how Harper has gone to war against Iran.


NOWAR-PAIX condemns the murder of Muammar Gaddafi at the hands of the so-called Libyan rebels. This immoral, illegal and horrifying act is nothing but a planned and minutely executed political assassination.

Read the full statement here.

Resolve conflicts through peaceful, diplomatic means, not through interference and use of force!

Stop Bombing Libya

NOWAR-PAIX unequivocally condemns the escalation of aggression by NATO forces against Libya and the continuing occupation. Since March 2011, these forces have been carrying out brutal interference in Libya and the entire North-African region under the pretext of opposing brutal dictatorships.  Once again, an oil-rich, wealthy nation is being attacked and occupied under the pretext of a “humanitarian effort.”

Read the full statement here.

Lire la déclaration ici en français.



The ruling that Harkat's Security Certificate is reasonable will be appealed. The judge has acknowledged that his judgement was based solely on secret evidence.

Help Moe get his appeal. Sign the new statement of support for an open, fair trial and no deportation to torture. We now have almost 2000 signatures.

STOP Secret Trials in Canada
Abolish Security Certificates
For more information: Justice for Harkat



Launch of Peoples' Investigation
into Police Abuses

- Toronto Community Mobilization Network -

Community groups are calling on the public to come forward with photos, video, and eye witness accounts of police violence against civilians during the G20 summits in Toronto. This evidence will be used to ensure that there are consequences for all those who beat and injured people, and for the masterminds who conspired to plan and give orders for the widespread police violence and repression that was experienced by thousands on the streets.

Further details can be found at:

Check out the nowar-paix banner at the G20!

Delist Now!

Abousfian AbdelrazikSix-Month Campaign to Free Abousfian Abdelrazik from the Prison Without Walls


Build the pressure! Break the Sanctions!
APRIL 28th
7-9 pm
Phone number 1-877-737-4070


Project Fly Home is organizing the first ever Sanctions-busting Telethon on Wednesday, April 28th, from 7to9pm. The telethon is being organized to challenge the United Nations "1267" sanctions regime and show solidarity with Abousfian Abdelrazik, who is on the 1267 list.

During the telethon, we will invite people to call in to 1 877 737 4070 to pledge a donation to Abdelrazik. As you know, this regime imposes an asset freeze on listed individuals; as it is implemented in Canada, it is illegal for anyone to provide Abdelrazik with any funds or financial support. Thus the telethon is an open call for people to defy this law, as unconstitutional, unjust, and dangerous.

Rabble Tv has tentatively agreed to live-broadcast the show (pending a check of technical capacities), so you can probably tune in to watch the show from across Canada and even internationally at

We are hoping that you can support this initiative in the following two ways:

  • agree in advance to call in. If you can do this, send us an email - we want to guarantee that there will be a decent number of calls!
  • encourage people in your cities and regions to call in and donate in defiance of the sanctions. Download the poster and let people know by email.

Learn more about how you can help at Project Fly Home.


zucchiniWe sent zucchinis to War Minister O'Connor one year ago because children were starving in Afghanistan.

On September 5, 2006, the respected Senlis Council released a report that stated children are starving in Afghanistan. Foreign military expenditures in that country outpace development and reconstruction spending by 900% .

Two years later, the crisis deepens, with no action on starvation!

In an August, 2007 report, the Senlis Council slams the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for failing to answer key questions about where and why aid that’s been promised has not appeared on the ground in Afghanistan.

So now is the time to send a Zucchini to Canada's New War Minister, Peter MacKay.   Here's how!

This campaign was initiated by Homes Not Bombs.  Read the full story here.



The military has launched a new recruitment campaign to sign up youth needed in Afghanistan.  This campaign is called Operation Connection.  In General Hillier's words: "...we're moving from a passive approach on recruiting where essentially we sat around waiting for you to come to us to a more active and aggressive one..."

To help young people withstand this pressure, ACT for the Earth has launched a counter-recruitment campaign called Operation Objection. Check it out and be sure to tell all concerned parents and young people you know about the website:

NOWAR-PAIX (Network to Oppose War And Racism - Pacte contre l'Agression,
 l'Intolerance et la Xenophobie) is a volunteer activist coalition in Ottawa, Canada.